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Queen of Kinky Stats:

Elegant yet Bubbly Playful Firm Sensual 37 yo
Black American Female

5'9 with Heels 160#

Silky-Smooth Walnut Brown-Skin

Stunning Pretty Face

Always freshly washed
Long Black hair

Large Almond shaped Flirtatious
Brown Eyes

Inviting Sexy Smile

 Soft Full Kissable Lips

 Perfect 38DDD 
dark brown

Juicy Brown Round 
tight Ass

The Perfect
  SenSexual  Ebony Goddess

Mistress D.
Queen Of Kinky
619 - 900 - 4656

Queen of Kinky
  Professional Femdom

Mistress D.
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Sensational Prostate Massage Therapy 
Its fun, safe and absolutely

Mistress D. is my Prostate Massage Therapist.Most men finish with the most EXPLOSIVE mind blowing Orgasm lasting 50% Longer and 100% Stronger. I will show you how.

Clear & Irrefutable Health Benefits of
Prostate Massage Therapy

* Release years of backed up tension
* Improve SEMEN quality and flow
* Revitalize your mood and sanity
* Enhance your LIBIDO
* Improve Erectile Function 
* Improve SEXUAL Performance
* Strengthen bladder control
* Prevent Prostate Cancer
* Increase your STAMINA
* Reinstate your body full potential

Detailed Benefits of Prostate Massage Therapy

Little Bit about Me: Queen of Kinky better known as Mistress D. a 37 year old Super-Sexy ebony black female. As a Warm, Elegant, Kind, Experienced Prostate Massage Therapist my mission is to share with Gentlemen of all ages the Amazing benefits of Prostate Massage Therapy. I offer regular Full Body, Erotic, SenSexual  massage for those that aren't interested in the Prostate Massage although like a child with a new magic trick I want to show it off my skills. More about Me

Newbie / First timers: Worry Not, I will be very gentle and go slow. I understand the sensitive nature of this subject and am open to discussing openly with you making sure you are very comfortable and relaxed. Ask as many questions as you please. My mission is to get you back to your old self starting with the ultimate Orgasm lasting 50% Longer and 100% Stronger. You can prepare for your sessions by cleaning yourself inside and out.  Its ok if you aren't. I carry a fully stocked Sanitized Prostate Massage toolkit with all the toys, tools and gadgets (condom-covered while in use). Eat lightly before your session. Drink plenty of water before and after to flush out any toxins released in the body from the massage.

Oh I know, you want to try a Prostate Massage but you're apprehensive. You're thinking 'If I try this will I be considered gay?" My go to answers: If you find men attractive and you are a male, then you may be gay. If the thought of smelly balls turns you on, hmmm you may be gay. If your name is John Travolta there's a strong possibility that you may be Gay.

Hopefully your answers are all a firm 'NO'. Which means you have absolutely nothing to worry about. If you enjoy a womans touch, scent and warm silky smooth skin then I would suggest that you are a smart 100% Straight Male thats simply curious and want to know what an EXPLOSIVE mind blowing Prostate Orgasm feels like.

                         Every man deserves to experience 
      Prostate Massage Therapy at least once in their lifetime.

90% of guys have greatly appreciated the benefits this type of therapy brings. The other 10% weren't able to. Why?? Unable to relax is the number one reason. If you aren't able to totally relax and enjoy the moment you probably won't be able to achieve the ultimate Orgasm. You may receive a powerful ejaculation but not the ultimate Orgasm. Practice breathing, and the art of relaxation then hit me up when you believe you are ready.  


1hr Sensual Prostate Massage $250
90min Sensual Prostate Massage $350
2hr to Sensual Prostate Massage $450

Mon-Sat 10am - 10pm

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Queen of Kinky


619 - 900 - 4656
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* Not for the 30 and under nor financially challenged.  There is no half hour rate. If you're looking for a hurried, unclassy provider I suggest you find someone else. Sorry not interested in jumping in the backseat of your SUV to give you a bbbj for $100. Just not my thing.  Please if you can help yourself do not ask. Thanks.

 More about the Prostate Gland

My Prostate Massage Therapist is Mistress D. she's the best. ;-)

Prostate Massage Therapy is the natural way of providing stimulation to the gland to increase blood circulation which in turn improves its health and thereby enhances its activities.

The prostate gland is a small, walnut-sized organ found only in men. It is both a normal part of the male anatomy and an area where some critical medical conditions and diseases can occur. When the prostate is functioning normally, a man is unaware of its existence, but when it becomes enlarged, infected or diseased, it can affect a man’s urinary flow and his sex life – two functions that greatly impact quality of life.

The development of the prostate begins before birth and continues through to adulthood. Male hormones, known as androgens, cause this development. If not enough male hormone is produced, the prostate gland will not grow to normal size. At the other end of the spectrum, too much male hormone can cause the prostate to become enlarged, causing discomfort and urination problems.

The prostate is located near the bladder and rectum, and the urethra (ie, the tube that carries urine from the bladder to the penis) runs through the prostate. One of the prostate’s functions is to produce some of the substances (eg, minerals and sugar) found in semen, the fluid that nourishes and protects the sperm. Another function is to control urination by pressing on part of the urethra.

The prostate gland is relatively small in younger men, although it grows during normal aging. This enlargement is called benign prostatatic hyperplasia or BPH. BPH is not associated with prostate cancer but may cause similar symptoms, such as impingement of the bladder outlet or the urethra and problems with urination. Other symptoms resulting from BPH are frequent urination, particularly at night, and slowing of the urinary stream.

You can read more about prostate massage on wikipedia.

Benefits of Prostate Massage Therapy

Men that suffer from prostate problems or difficulty in sex might benefit from a prostate massage. The massage stimulates the prostate by gentle finger motions. It is a perfectly healthy activity and with time and practice can be administered safely by non-medical personnel. The treatment can provide many benefits from prostate relief to heightened sexual pleasure. Some make claims of a revitalized sex life and healthy functioning prostate with regular massages.

The prostate massage has been known to help men overcome impotence. The prostate helps create seminal fluid and massaging the prostate helps stimulate activity. With increased seminal fluid incidences of impotence will begin to drop. Massaging the prostate has been said to heighten overall sexual pleasure so regular massages can aid tremendously in helping a man overcome impotence.

Regular prostate massages can help induce orgasms and stimulate ejaculation. Some claim the orgasms reached when prostate massage is involved are highly intense. When the prostate is stimulated, the blood and seminal fluid increase in their flow. This increases flow of fluids also can help to improve sexual function overall. The fresh blood supplies and nutrients help keep the reproductive system healthy and functioning well. The prostate is known as the male G-spot and if massaged correctly very intense levels of orgasm has been reached.

Regular prostate massages can help improve erectile problems. Sometimes men suffer from restricted blood flow in the pelvic area which can directly effect the male reproductive system. Health conditions, age and injury can all be contributing factors in erectile dysfunction. The massage will help improve the flow of blood as well as nutrients and reduce incidences of erectile dysfunction. It isn’t uncommon for a full and active sex life to be restored with the help of prostate massages.

Regular prostate massages can help relieve the symptoms of prostatitus. Prostatitus is a condition where bacteria grown within the tiny sacs in the prostate gland. This can cause swelling, discomfort and can be quite painful. It is possible for the bacteria to leave the prostate gland on its own however if the prostate gland swells to much the bacteria can become trapped. This can cause the prostate to swell even more. It can also cause intense pain and cause the man to experience problems urinating if the condition persists. Although caution needs to be exercised a prostate massage can help relieve this condition. The massage will help stimulate the release of fluids helping it to shrink in size. It will also help a fresh blood supply enter the prostate and help release the trapped bacteria. According to

Please note: Prostate Massage is NOT recommended for men who already have Prostate Cancer or Prostatitis. Always consult your doctor to get an accurate diagnosis before Prostate Massage Therapy.

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