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Queen of Kinky
  Professional Femdom

Mistress D.
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Specializing in Forced Bi Sessions 

Do not ask me what I offer. I know you want me to crap in your mouth but that just isn't going to happen. Politely go somewhere else and do not read any further.  

All others please accept my apologies for being crass or coming off as a money hungry femdomme. I may be both but thats none of your business.  Simply put, I get tons of fakes, flakes and stalkers. If you are serious about a session. Follow the fucking directions are don't fucking bother me. 
Pardon my language.

Also, I see that many of you enjoy one of my favorite videos  'Featured Slave'  just as much as I do. 
I need more like it. Now's a good time to pay tribute to the Queen.

Come for the Confession stay for the Punishment

What have you done?  Don't answer that question because I already know the answer.  You've gotten away with too much for way too long. You have been aching for someone to confess your deviant behavior and or thoughts. You want to be dominated by a sensual super sexy busty Queen, to be forced to do things you would never do on your own. Your hearts desire is to CONFESS without fear of retribution, to SUBMIT without limits, to finally receive the PUNISHMENT you deserve.

First Forced Bi Session

What to expect in this session:
If by chance you are chosen to confess your bad deeds. Your punishment may begin with you being forced to dress sexy, make-up and wig for an evening. FORCED BI, you will be treated like the cum swallowing deviant sissy slut whore that you are. You may be used as a Sex Slave, Sex Toy, or a simple Sex Slut. Strapon Training, You may be tied up, humiliated, blindfolded, masked, raped, cbt, spanked, spit on, fucked hard, gagged, nipple play, tortured, hog tied, Cock worship, terrorized and more. You will be PUNISHED for your deviant behavior and thoughts and completely at my disposal for my own twisted amusement.

There are four different forced bi scenes to choose from, make a good faith tribute in the amount of $100 to receive all four detailed scenes as well as the participating slaves/studs. We agree to play safe and abide by all limitation. Safewords will be used at my discretion.


All About the Queen of Kinky:
Queen of Kinky better known as Mistress D. 37yo Sensual Professional Female Dominatrix and Prostate Massage Therapy. Offer first-class Kinky and or Seduction services to men, women and couples that would like to live out fantasy or fetish. With more than ten years experience I am a super busty sexy natural born femdom with a sensual yet firm touch. 

Dominating Ebony Goddess of your fantasy: The quiet exotic neighbor in corset, garter and black stockings that seduces naive gents.  The hard-nosed arrogant CEO who bends her underlings over the conference table whips out Kanhee and have her way. The unsuspecting gent that wishes a sensual massage yet receive alot more then what he bargain for. All depends....

You can find me dressed elegant sexy with an 8in strap on (Kanhee) tighStrap on play.... Punishing manpussy is one of my favorite fetishes. Suck it BITCH!!!t skirt and high heels. I of course have several sizes to choose from but Kanhee seems to fit just right. Although it bares a close resemblance I am not the animated character in the background.  Don't email me requesting pictures. What you see is what you get. I know you want more click on three pics to get an explicit eye full of the possibilities.  

Indeed, I'm confident. I exist to punish you and only you with my alluring inviting sexiness. Don't dream of touching my Silky-Smooth Walnut Brown-SkinStunning Pretty Face, Always freshly washed Long Black hair, Large Almond shaped Flirtatious Brown Eyes, Inviting Sexy Smile, Soft Full Lips, Perfect 38DDD mouth-watering dark brown NIPPLES, Juicy Brown Round tight Ass nor this Perfect

SenSexual Hot Body
the mere thought is a violation which in turns warrants more Punishment. No you can't Taste Me!!  Yes, from head to toe EVERYTHING about me exudes sexiness the way I move, the way I walk and the sultry way I talk.  Absolutely no tattoos, only piercing on this gorgeous sex goddess are my ears. Yes, I am a pampered Queen I take care of this temple inside and out. My indulgence in drugs and alcohol are limited at best. Personal Vices: Deviant Live Porn, New Sex Toys, $$$$ , and FORCED | PUNISHMENT sessions. (Punishing the Jerry Sandusky's of the world turns me on to no end). Go figure.

Yet you want to know more.

Sessions offered include:

* Forced Bi Session
Prostate Massage Therapy
* Forced Feminization /Sissified
* Femininity Coach & Sissy Training Specialist
* Extreme Fetish Play
*Strap On Play

You've had boring sex, been thinking about taking things further on a quest for something different.  You may have tried kink before (prostate, bondage, flogging, nipple clamps) but it's time for something more, something DIFFERENT.

Afraid to ask to be taken with a STRAPON but can't imagine anything hotter?
Love to be smothered?
Eager to follow orders?
Need training and or spanking?
Cuckold, Slave, Sub, Sissy, Not Sure?

hmmmmmmmmm you are at the right place.

It pleases the Queen to hear:
*Mistress D. OwNs Me* say it again *Mistress D. OwNs Me* again *Mistress D. OwNs Me* I can't hear you *Mistress D. OwNs Me* What? *Mistress D. OwNs Me* Awwww, music to my ears.

There's only '1'
Queen Of Kinky | *Mistress D. OwNs Me*
Don't say it if you aren't prepared to live it.    Pay Tribute to the Queen.


When doing promotional marketing/advertising and touring across the United States. I receive hundreds of request from those that have committed the most heinous offenses, wanting forced sessions to confess and to be punished. I wish I could address them all however at this time I can only accept a few exceptional Sincere, Obedient Submissive, clients thats ready to accept their fate. 

Just so you know, if I find you unresponsive, unable to follow directions and or just not sincere. Your request will be denied. If I find you to be interesting and I enjoy your positive submissive vibe, I'm sure we will get along just fine. 

Time wasters pay special attention before we proceed with lengthy telephone conversation or ongoing emails I asked that you submit a good faith tribute. Put your Money where your mouth is | Dont waste my time and I promise not to waste yours.

All others may call 619-900-4656 this number is for scheduling sessions. When calling you will be asked: Indicate the session that you are interested in (Forced or PMT?) Your name, location, time and date works best for you.  Also, you should know that I practice the 7 ps *Proper Planning and Preparation Prevents Piss Poor Performance* In my own words: give me a couple days, weeks or months to plan our session. Same day sessions with at least a four hour notification ok.
Session are provided on an outcall basis only.

Rates | Tributes
$1k 4/hr
$2k 8/hr
$4k overnight
$10k weekend
$20k weekly
Telephone Session $100.00
Good Faith Tributes $100.00

Click here to complete transaction.

Equipped:  Fully stocked toolkit with toys, tools and gadgets are brought to each session. There's plenty of wigs, make-up , sexy outfits and goodies for us to play with. We can always take a trip to the local adult store for more or some good ol fashion glory hole action.  Once initial training is complete, a stud or two may be brought in to further your training and punishment. All depends...... 



'Queen of Kinky'  offer services for a fee, I do not sale sex, I'm not an escort.  I am a Professional Dominatrix and Prostate Massage Therapist. I deliver on each and every session. 'Queen of Kinky' is real: google, bingyahoo do whatever you must do to put your mind at ease.

Your tribute in any demoniation is greatly appreciated and much needed. Hot Sex Videos, New Adult Toys, Shopping spree with your major credit card is always welcomed. (Email your  name, credit card no., address, and 3 digit code on the back) I'm also willing to take off your hands: Dividends, Portfolio, Deeds, Titles, (Keys: Vehicle, House or Safe Deposits) perhpas Prepaid Monetary Gift Cards.
Cash Sponsors are all gladly accepted.

Obviously, I'm not impressed with bullshit, your vial attempt to distract me with menial trinkets makes my blood boil. Cheap Bastards Kick Rocks. All others should Pay Tribute to the Queen.

Working on a nonprofit I could use alot of help with that as well.

Contact Form
For discretionary purposes missed calls are not returned.
If you wish a call back please leave a detailed message, including:
name, location, number and preferred time you would like to meet and the best time to call you back.
You can also email

Personal Slaves | Servants | All Others

I travel all over the United States and always in need of Host or Hostesses, Houseboy Maids, Subs, Sissies, Studs, Couples and those wishing to Serve. Your request will be considered 'ONLY' after a Professional session or a good faith tribute.  Please answer and email the questions below before calling. 

Email the following answers:

Who: Verifiable Email, number, age & experience
What: Type of session you are interested in
When: Time and Date
Where: Outcall / Conditional Incall

Why: should you serve the Queen

Reveal yourself in its entirety.  Do not send your piece of shit body parts pics unless instructed by myself or my assistant. Emails and phone numbers are always kept in the strictest confidence unless you piss me off with unexceptional unwarranted behavior. Like calling at an ungodly hour, explicit language, heavy breathing, masturbating while trying to keep me on the phone. Idiots need not apply.

Permission Granted to  Request a Session or Serve      619 - 900 - 4656

Please note: I have absolutely zero tolerance for uninitiated text messages. All other questions regarding other sessions and turning fantasy into reality should be emailed with as much detail as possible. 
If you don't hear from me within 24 hours please resubmit your request.
I knew you would want to practice your training again so go ahead and do so. It woud be even better if you Pay Tribute.

*Mistress D. OwNs Me* say it again *Mistress D. OwNs Me* Scream it *Mistress D. OwNs Me*  I can't hear you *Mistress D. OwNs Me*  What? *Mistress D. OwNs Me* Awwww, music to my ears. 

There's only 1
Queen Of Kinky | *Mistress D. OwNs Me*
Don't say it if you aren't prepared to live it.